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Mobility and Yoga with Ava Moreno + Jay Cruz

We are looking forward to bringing you a mobility and yoga workshop, designed to give you tools to help shorten the gap between passive range of motion and active range of motion, all in its relevance to asana.  It’s like strength training for your joints!  


We will spend the first half of the workshop doing several mobility exercises and drills designed to help access more active range of motion.  In yoga, we are often moving through passive range, and it can be extremely helpful and important for injury prevention to shorten the gap between passive and active range of motion.  Not sure what this means?  We will explain and will show you in the workshop!  The second half will be a yoga flow working toward a peak pose focused on the areas we opened up with the mobility drills.  We can’t wait to share this with you!


This workshop is both In Person and Virtual!  If wanting to attend virtual please choose the virtual pricing option. A link will be sent to you 24 hours before the workshop.